Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers To Gift Your Loved Ones

Love – It’s what makes the world go round. If there is a day that’s dedicated to showing your love and admiration to remind your loved ones that they are loved unconditionally - it’s Valentine’s Day. Though it’s a no-brainer, do you know how to show them you love? Sending them a thoughtful valentine's day flower delivery speaks volumes about the sentiments, emotions, and the “WORDSyou want to say. As this beautiful day rolls in, it’s time to pick gorgeous flowers for your loved ones. While you may be tempted to choose your favourite flowers, it’s best to choose what they prefer. Like each flower is unique, each person wants to be treated special and shown love differently.  In today’s blog, we’re here to guide you with a list of beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers that’ll make you feel loved.

Red Roses

Red roses are the ideal flowers to send someone that you have a romantic interest in. This iconic flower is a symbol of love and romance. You have probably had a vision of presenting large red rose bouquets to your loved ones. Why not make it real with a flower delivery to their doorstep?

Red Tulips

Just like red roses, red tulips represent passion, desire, and romance. If you would like to be unique and declare your love for the one, red tulips are a great option. Make sure to get fresh cut Tulips from the florist Nunawading to surprise your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. 


Carnations are another beautiful Valentine’s ‘day flowers that symbolise admiration and love.  They come in a variety of colours, each carrying its meaning. Red carnations are perfect for expressing deep love and romance, so order a carnations bouquet from The Flowerland to let them know that you can’t stop thinking about them.


You probably wouldn’t have thought much about choosing hydrangeas for Valentine’s Day. They always stand out in bouquets due to their large clusters of gorgeous flowers. Hydrangeas come in a variety of colours. Pink ones are ideal to show your care and affection.

Get a customised hydrangea flower bouquet this Valentine’s Day to give your sweetheart a pleasant surprise.


If you want to go the extra mile and present a flower that is known for its subtle and luxurious look, orchids are the best. Orchids are exotic and elegant, representing love, beauty, and refinement. Sending orchids on Valentine's Day is a unique and sophisticated gesture. However, most orchids come as plants, so your loved ones can enjoy the plant for years rather than weeks or days.

If you want to make this Valentine’s Day the best and different from the rest, order Valentine’s Day flower arrangements from The Flowerland. To get our same-day flower delivery, reach us at 03 8806 3572 today.