Alternate Ways To Decorate Fresh Flowers Than Glass Vases

Bored of keeping fresh flowers in vases? When it comes to displaying flowers, there are multiple ways to do it. This is why people go to the reputed florist shop in town every time to get the bouquet & simply fill up the area to look appealing. When it comes to florists, every florist has a different style and taste & comes up with flower bouquets that are pleasing & eye-catching to the eye. If you have got your flower bouquet from a florist shop & want to enjoy those flowers for a while, give those flowers a new companion other than dumping them into a vase. We’ve got some more inspirations to display your flowers & express your style. If you ordered a bunch of fresh flowers with same-day flower delivery to style your living room with these adorable display options. 

Teapots & Teacups

Ditch the traditional designer vase or see-through glass vase & revamp your old china teapots into something thoughtful. Whether the teacup has a chip or crack, you can cover it with lovely carnations or daisies for a fuller look and can also be styled with different flowers. 

Glass Bottles

If you’re going for long-stemmed roses, carnations or dahlias, it’s better to go for tall-neck bottles. If you got old olive or wine bottles, recycle them and put them to good use. They look fab when filled with flowers & you can witness your room turn into a trendy one. 

Kitchen Jars

Got a classic kitchen jar at home? From storing your jellies to cookies, mason jars are kitchen containers. If you have a fancied glass kitchen jar, recycle them & place your favourite Lillies or roses for added drama. 


If you want to create a sophisticated yet elegant flower display, antique stoneware could be perfect for flower displays. You can create a lively and serene touch to your interior and amp up the appeal. 

Tin Cans 

Are empty tin cans or biscuit containers occupying your cupboard? You can remove the label or cover from the tin if you want a minimal look, or you can keep them bare or cover it up with ribbon or any design elements for added appeal & your stunning flowers has got their place. 

Love our DIY display options? Why wait? Make the beautiful fresh flowers stand out in an elegant display. And, to order flowers online or customise a flower bouquet with same-day flower delivery, call The Flowerland on 03 8806 3572 today.