5 Alternate Gift Options For The Flower Lovers – Check Them Out!

If you are thinking about what to gift for the flower lovers in your life, we have got some adorable gift options.  Generally, you order flowers online with a same-day flower delivery hoping to make a sweet surprise to your special one’s right? Well, ditch the old way and make some variations on your flower gift so that the surprise becomes an ever-lasting memory for both of you. You can start planning a flower surprise with a florist in Melbourne & check out the different gifts that make the Anthophile in your group feel amazed. Are you ready to dive? Let’s get started. 

Dried Flower Bouquets

If you often wow them with fresh blooms, now it’s time to make them feel euphoric with a bunch of artistically hand-arranged dried flower bouquet delivery. Not only does this make an ever-lasting gift, its subtle & distinctive smell & the forever appealing look remind memories of your & strengthen your bond. It's also a gorgeous display option when it comes to picking up a home décor element. 

Perfumed Candles

Glow up their face with a bright selection of scented candles. The aroma of the scented candles elevates the ambiance, helps to unwind, and set the mood for the perfect candlelight dinner. There are lots of cute scented candle styles available online & you can merge them with gorgeous flower delivery. 

Fluffy Dolls

If you’re looking to add some fun and thoughtful gift to spread love and cheer, stuffed plush dolls are a perfect choice.  With a wide variety of small to big sized fluffy furry friends, you can make a beautiful surprise at the flower gift add a smile to the face of someone you love without any hassle on your part. 

Chocolate Boxes

What a perfect treat than a box of delicious milk & dark chocolate treats?  You can gift chocolate baskets to your dear one & a sweet surprise to the recipient. Chocolate boxes come with a variety of chocolate snacks & you can customise the chocolate box with your favourites. 

Hand Creams

Whether it is for yourself or the recipient, ultra-rich hand creams are a unique gift that many love. You can add this thoughtful gift into the gift basket & a fresh bunch of flowers to make your special one go wow. 

Love what you see? Make your flower lovers go crazy with these gifts & ensure to pick all them from The Flowerland. Shop them all by calling 03 8806 3572 today.